Work Flow

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by digitalap3 on Tuesday 8th September 2020

The code used to make this blog is hosted on github. The short version of the workflow when using it is as follows.

  1. create a post with the tag 'draft'. This will be the displayed title of the post
  2. open the Create New Post tiddler.
  3. follow the instructions. The first field is the uri of the post. It is recommended to use all lower case and hyphens. NO SPACES. I would avoid special characters but apostrophes seemed to work fine. This will be the title of the final draft that is to be rendered.
  4. run build script
  5. run webserver and check changes in new tab
  6. copy files to root directory of production site

I still have a great deal to do but the generator and site are I think done enough to be functional and provide a framework for someone else work off of.

Photo by Jan Zajc from FreeImages


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