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by digitalap3 on Monday 7th September 2020

As I think about what categories to use it seems it would be a good idea to just brainstorm a list of what kinds of topics I will be writing about.

  • family experiences, outings, etc

  • cross-posting from social media (fediverse) accounts and thoughts on the fediverse

  • covid experiences as a respiratory therapist as well as opinions about treatments, general observations

  • general experiences as a bedside caregiver and specific techniques for interventions like intubation

  • how tos on the programming/ software side projects I am working on like setting up this blog and other self learning topics

  • things I would like to say to my kids in a long term format, dad advice

  • meditation and self hypnosis

  • personal development, nuerolinguistic programming

  • exercise plans and techniques

  • technology I use like phones and laptops

  • software like plex or apps

  • vitamins and supplements

  • things like the above that I would like to 'formally' research and write about for my own personal development

  • financial topics as I try to start down that path and overcome my associated anxieties

Category ideas as a result of this list

  • Null

  • Family

  • Healthcare

  • Personal Development

  • Tech (includes both software and hardware)

  • How-to / Tutorial

  • Reviews ?

  • Self Learning ?

  • Fediposts (cross posts)


I found a couple of good blog posts such as this one which describes the need for planning, and this post, which describes the most popular categories.

Initially most posts will be How-To as I document how I built this blog from tiddlywiki. As time goes by I really want to express my thoughts in a more formal manner and do a better job of learning by writing about the topics so Personal Development will likely be heavily used as the blog matures, especially since it will cover both meditation and exercise. Maybe I'll split it into Mind and Body (and Spirit?). Also as winter rolls in and another covid surge is immanent I will be writing more about those experiences.

Each category will have an index page listing first all the tags associated with it and then all the posts. So don't worry too much if a category like Personal Development gets too bloated since a visitor could just drill down with tags.

Let's get to it!

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