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by digitalap3 on Saturday 12th September 2020

Intent has always been a favorite word of mine. With my background in martial arts, bodywork, and medicine, the word intent encapsulates the combination of body, mind and spirit that is effective action. Though a blog may not be a place of physical action, it can certainly be a place to express the visceral - another great word describing many of my experiences as a bedside caregiver over the last two decades and it is most definitely the place to express the principles that are derived from examining actions taken.

It is this examination that I feel I have lost over the last two decades as I worked to meet the needs of a growing family and continued to work in a field that relies on focused direct action in critical and emergency care settings. This kind of meta thinking, philosophical musing, extraction of first principles was something that seemed second or even first nature in my youth. I am sure there are a great many factors in this decline such as increasing demands of the real world and less learning as I continue in the same career for almost 20 years.

This blog then will be a way to get back to that kind of examination. I take as my main inspiration the former Mezzanine tutorials of Ross Laird. Though they are taken down and redirect to the previous link, I still remember their bits of wisdom extracted from the process of explaining how to use the Django CMS. His site still contains that same level of wisdom that I can barely aspire to. This blog then is a desire to push myself up and out of the brutal realism of bedside care and teenagers in the house that I am immersed in. Not in the sense of an escape because this career brings to me a great deal of pride and a feeling of accomplishment and these kids bring me incredible satisfaction, but rather an attempt at a deeper understanding of my surroundings.

Blogging is also a chance to express those things that it is difficult to sit down and talk about with my kids just because they require a deeper level of thought and conversation than the day-to-day provides. Time is short and deep conversations are unfortunately few. Maybe this will give them a glance into who I am at a level that we really don't get to with our parents.

Ultimately then this blog is a way to de-solidify my world so Meaning can pass into it. I am feeling this need now more than ever after having worked through the covid surge here in NY. I'll write about those experiences and hope they stay in the past as winter marches towards us.

So let me apologize in advance for some long winded how to's sprinkled with attempts at wisdom. I am definitely going to work out a tl;dr kind of format so that a person can get to the core of the process without getting too distracted by my flights into the ether.

Hopefully you will on occasion join me there and tell me what you think!

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