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Another Beautiful Day

A beautiful fall day at Nissequogue River State Park.

A Day At The Beach

Summer is winding down.

A Little Bit of Ollie

Some pics of the cutest little guy in the world.


My Intent for This Blog

It is this examination that I feel I have lost over the last two decades as I worked to meet the needs of a growing family and continued to work in a field that relies on focused direct action in critical and emergency care settings. This kind of meta thinking, philosophical musing, extraction of first principles was something that seemed second or even first nature in my youth.

Work Flow

The code used to make this blog is hosted on github. The short version of the workflow when using it is as follows.

Topics This Blog Will Cover

As I think about what categories to use it seems it would be a good idea to just brainstorm a list of what kinds of topics I will be writing about.


~TiddlyWiki as a Static Site Generator: Introduction

This first post will be an overview of what I think TiddlyWiki is and an attempt to describe its basic structure as I understand it and more importantly in the way that pertains to the posts explaining how I made and how to use and tweak this static site generator

Nginx and PHP-FPM Running with Docker

Whatever the reason I give you explicit (though very safe for work) instructions for getting an nginx and php-fpm container to work together.


My Workout Routine Part 1 - Regions and Actions

When designing a workout routine I have found the first thing to do is to create a structure based on regions and muscle groups of the body. This allows you to form a basic template each session. I use this idea of templating consistently as I design routines around my schedule and with the ability to be adapted to changing circumstances.