About Me

I am a father of three teenagers by day and a respiratory therapist by night. The first role I took on about 15 years ago and the second well over 20 and both can be the source of much pain and frustration, a lot of learned lessons, and more satisfaction than I probably deserve.

I started learning about hardware and software much later than most others with the same obsession - in my thirties soon after my first child was born and I was forced to be home a lot more. My attention turned to the stationary outlet to the world at large beneath the desk. Those were the early days of MySpace and something about the magic of copying those first snippets of HTML and seeing the magic that appeared fascinated me. I kept digging deeper, building computers, discovering and exploring Linux, portable apps, virtualization, and eventually a few years ago taking the leap into programming with Python, SQL and Bash scripting and using Docker on a VPS with Nginx and various servers. I continue to enjoy the challenges and learning that these topics afford in my free time.

My interest in nutrition and fitness have been constant throughout my life, and my understanding of the subjects has evolved a great deal. I've also maintained an intense interest in the inner life being somewhat of an introvert and book worm.

All of these things I look forward to exploring and documenting through my various online projects with the hope of continuing to grow and learn and maybe even produce something useful to others.

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